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How to Enjoy Exercise

If you are anything like me, you will not enjoy exercise. Although I knew that I needed to exercise, I found it really difficult to motivate myself. The idea of running on a treadmill or lifting weights just seemed really pointless. However, all of that changed when I discovered the joy of martial arts. My friend who is an expert invited me down to his training centre. I loved it and since then, I have been learning everything I can about this form of exercise. I decided to start this blog so I could encourage others to enjoy exercise. I hope this blog is useful.


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Have You Damaged Your Rotator Cuff?

If you are a tradesperson or have a very active occupation, then from time to time, you may be used to the odd ache or pain. You're putting your body through a lot on any given day, and it's not surprising if your body complains occasionally due to the stress. You may be thinking more about this currently, as you've got a dull ache in your shoulder which makes it quite difficult to sleep at night as well. Is this "just one of those things" or could it be something a little more involved?

Rotator Cuff Issues

Don't be surprised if you have injured your rotator cuff, the group of muscles and tendons that support the shoulder joint. These muscles and tendons help to keep your upper arm within the shoulder socket, and this type of injury is far from being unusual.

You may have a tear in your rotator cuff, which may have been caused by an unusual movement. You may also find that damage has built up over time and that you have a number of different tears, which may require some additional attention.


Usually, this type of injury can be diagnosed quite easily following a physical exam. However, you may need an ultrasound, an X-ray or, in some cases, an MRI to determine exactly what is going on.


Treatment will depend on the extent of the damage, but in most cases, it will improve naturally so long as it is not further damaged through overuse. It's a good idea to use ice to bring down any swelling and to schedule physical therapy sessions to help your ability to move the body part carefully and with purpose.

Recovery Exercises

The therapist will recommend a number of different treatments with exercises that are tailored to the specific type of damage. With a concerted effort like this, you will be able to restore strength and flexibility to the shoulder so that you are fully able to return to work.

Surgical option

Occasionally, you may need surgery. This can often be achieved using tiny cameras and tools that are inserted through a small incision. As part of this procedure, the surgeon will re-attach any torn tendon to the bone.

Additional Therapy

If you do receive surgery for your particular injury, you should definitely ensure that you schedule some physical therapy sessions thereafter. This will help you get back to normal more quickly than otherwise.

For more information, reach out to a shoulder injury rehabilitation centre near you.